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We Believe in You!

The Humanitarian Gala – 08.12.2012

The Humanitarian Gala – 08.12.2012
The campaign “We Believe in You” launched by the “Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN together withe the International Association for Youth and Arts “Become”, ended Saturday, the 8th of December, with a great and unique artistic event –  a performance given by Radu Nechifor, Sebastian Stan and Magic Band, as well as by the guests: Luana Prodea, Neluţu Hordobeţ and ”Junetrip” band from Cluj Napoca.

Welcome Speech

Held by Mrs. Anca Oprean – Vice President at AUAN


Good evening and welcome!

My name is Anca Oprean and I am the vice president of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu, in short form AUAN.

It is the first edition of the campaign called “We believe in you” and we are extremely honored that you are with us in such a big number. It is impossible to mention you all, but want to thank everybody for making time for us, especially during a particularly busy time.

With Christmas just around the corner, we hope that this night will be a festive one. Christmas is the wonderful holiday which gives us the power to be better, more understanding and more patient. It is that moment of the year when we give all the best of us hoping for nothing in return, but knowing that we brought sunshine that into a person’s heart.

This principle is the basis of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN.

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Just a year ago, the AUAN team made the first steps in becoming what it is today. The lesson that we’ve learnt during this year is that when you your mind and soul are open you can realize much more than you’ve ever imagined. The AUAN team is young and dynamic, blending harmoniously the personality and work experience of every member, based on a strong friendship bond and mutual aid.

The whole activity of AUAN is based on volunteering.

The AUAN projects help financial and material children and teenagers between 6 and 19 years old who want to improve their school situation and to build a professional career but are short of financial resources.

It lasts 10 months, beginning with September during a school year.

This support offered by AUAN is considered an actual recognition of the achievements of the children/teenagers with good results at school. At this point the beneficiaries in the AUAN project do not want their identity to be public, because of some existing mentalities in the society, but we hope that in a relatively short time we will succeed to make them proud to be part of the AUAN project and that they were chosen to be awarded.

Every school year, the number of children/teenagers which will benefit from AUAN’s support will be directly proportional with the existing fund.

The project for the school year 2012-2013 includes 20 beneficiaries and it is in full development thanks to:

  • Companies like S.C.Wenglor Electronic S.R.L and S.C.Euroconf S.A , which are recognized nationally and internationally and which, by trusting us, joined from the very beginning aiming at involving in the communities problems and their solving
  • Donors from the country and from abroad, known and unknown, to whom AUAN succeeded in communicating their good intentions. We would very much like to mention all but because of the limited time we only mention Mr. Helmut Detschelt, who although located at a very considerable distance from Romania (Canada), has helped as financially but also guided and offered his support in this complex and difficult social activity.
  • The almost 350 persons who directed 2% from the income tax for 2011 to AUAN
  • AUAN ‘s partners
  • And last but not least, to the AUAN members which managed to make AUAN a reliable association for the beneficiaries and for the community

We thank all of them and hope that this is just the beginning.

The wonderful event was possible due to:

  • Sponsors: Wenglor, Paconstruct, IonArtGlass and Sobis;
  • Partners: The International Arts Association Become, Antena 1 Sibiu, Sibiu 100%, Radio ZU, Union Hall Sibiu, City Hall Sibiu;
  •  the artists who will support the show;
  • Radu Nechifor, Sebastian Stan and Magic Band;
  • The guests: Nelutu Hordobet, Florin Loloiu and June Trip from Cluj

artists who accepted our request from the very beginning, being honored and who perform for you with no financial reward – in AUAN’s  spirit – the volunteering

AUA expresses their greatest thanks we hope that together we can offer you a wonderful night.