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The Humanitarian Gala – 15.12.2013

The Humanitarian Gala – 15.12.2013

 For the second year, “We believe in You” campaign developed by “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN together with International Youth Association “Become” ended with a unique and remarkable show at Thalia hall, on 15th of December 2013.

The humanitarian Gala artists – for an event which was in a closed space – were citizens of Sibiu. These, beside their wonderful talents they was born, they have desire to offer what they received. We are very glad to name them: Radu Nechifor, Sebastian Stan, Dreamcatchers, Maria Cojocaru and Vlad Simon and guests Anca Maria Mărginean, Luana Prodea and Dominique Simionescu.

An important moment during the Gala event was the awarding of Excellency Diploma and Gold Medal to a youth from Sibiu, Miss Camelia Oprea for her remarkable achieves to the national Olympiad and international mathematics conquests. The award was supported and granted by one of the honour AUAN’s members, Mr. Helmut Detschelt, from Vancouver, Canada.

Anca Oprean – AUAN’s President.

Good evening and welcome to the second edition of Humanitarian Gala that ends the campaign “We beleive in You” from this year.

I am Anca Oprean and I’m the president of Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – shortly AUAN.

We are very glad and honoured to see that you’ve accepted our call in such a good way. We thank you!

This is the second edition of our humanitarian gala, which take place under a closed space, which make us very excited and at the same time prove us that our activity is well known , supported and appreciated by you!

AUAN’s purpose is given by financial and physical support for children or youths with ages between 6 and 19 years, they who want to build a professional carrier but are in physical and financial needs.

AUAN’s projects take place over a scholar year, starting with September and taking place for 10 months.

AUAN’s project for 2012-2013 scholar year ended successfully. It covered 28 beneficiaries, and the money amount it was around 10.000 Euro.

AUAN’s project for 2013-2014 scholar year includes 18 beneficiaries, but starting with the second semester will be 20. What is new, starting with this year is adding the scholarship term. Scholarship beneficiaries need to fulfil the followings:

  • Incoming founds / family member less than 500 RON

  • Grades average greater than 9

  • Behaviour grade 10.

Beneficiaries’ assessment will take place at each closing semester period, we consider that in this way we keep high the interest in scholar performance growing. We will take into account new beneficiaries only if these will meet our expectations.

The Gala from this evening – which want to be a tradition in Sibiu, comes in supporting AUAN’s project for this year, which is quite ambitious.

We thank to all artists which are here tonight, for you, without any financial expectations, to AUAN’s member which their activities are as volunteering, we all want to contribute to youth education from Sibiu.

We thank:


Partners: Antena 1 Sibiu, Radio Zu, Sibiu 100%, Tribuna, House of Arts from Sibiu.

To all journalists: through all our good intends reach to you.

Sibiu County Council and to Thalia Hall management: which offered us full support in our project.

The award

Anca Oprean, AUAN President: I come back to you, with a latest new in this gala. Starting with this gala AUAN offers Excellency Diploma and a special award to a youth from Sibiu, no matter of his financial state, she remarked by her excellent scholar achieved and acts at the entire Sibiu state. We awarding excels, as a model for all AUAN beneficiaries, but not only.

This year this award will be given to Miss Camelia Oprea, student in 10th grade at National High school “Samuel von Brukenthal” for her remarkable achieves granted to national and international conquests. This award is fully supported by Mr Helmut Detschelt, from Vancouver, Canada, which arrived in Romania after 40 years, he is present here, this night and I ask him to come to honour the award.

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