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PRESS RELEASE – 21.07.2014

PRESS RELEASE – 21.07.2014

Saturday, 12th of July, the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN met for the Extraordinary General Assembly, analyzing the AUAN school project for the school year 2013 – 2014 and discussing the upcoming AUAN project for the school year 2014-2015. We will come back with more detailed information regarding these projects on the AUAN website:

An important and exciting moment at the General Assembly was the meeting with the first AUAN scholarship beneficiary, who being 19 years old and finishing high school, will end the collaboration with AUAN. We are talking about FURDUI DORICA DANIELA, who finished the 12th grade at the “Gh.Lazar” National High School in Sibiu with an average of 9.26 and passed the baccalaureate exam with 8.03. She is a very good student, averaging above 9 during all four years of high school. “She is a young girl with great intellectual and emotional potential who is willing to accomplish and develop her personality through study” – a short quote, but says a lot, of the characterization made by Daniela’s Teacher, Mrs. Burtan Iuliana.
Our collaboration with Daniela began in April 2012, at the suggestion of the Public Service of Social Assistance in Sibiu Local Council, (with whom we have signed a partnership agreement) and we have only words of praise for her: seriousness, respect, commonsense, high interest in school, understanding that this is the only way to achieve something thorough in life.

During this period of time, her efforts were rewarded by AUAN, reimbursing her invoices in amount of 5.119 RON, among many other things received as donations from members and sympathizers of AUAN, as also Daniela mentions in her thank you speech in front of the AUAN members. Now, in the end, in order to help her with the next step in life, AUAN offered her a bonus of 1000 RON, 200 RON from the Nanu family – responsibles for the social case – and an almost new laptop provided by the family Nina and Constantin Grau – sympathizers of AUAN.

We wish Daniela a lot of success in achieving all her goals in life!

“The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu”