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AUAN Gala – 12th and 14th of December 2014

AUAN Gala – 12th and 14th of December 2014

In 2014, the campaign “We believe in you” (supported by AUAN and International Youth

Association “Become”) was ended with two well appreciated performing arts which took part at Thalia Hall on 12th and 14th of December 2014. The main initiator of this performing arts show was Radu Nechifor. He is a well-known in Romania, as well outside of Romania borders, for this remarkable talent. We bow down to him for his support and beautiful soul. We thank to all artists, which among their talent they are willing to give to others their gifts. Gratefully we list their names: Oana Andra (well known as Prime opera singer at Bucharest National Opera), Alexandru Petrovici (Art Professor at Bucharest National Music University), Antology Band (from Brasov), Mihai Teaca (From Fagaras), Dreamcatchers, Magic Band, Sebastian Stan, Anca Margineana, Maria Cojocaru, Vlad Simon, Mee and Mary band, Luana Prodea and Dominique Simionescu. This performing arts show was presented by faimous Nicolle Stanase Cioltea. 

12th of December 2014 Show

Anca Oprean Speech – AUAN President :

Good evening and welcome to the third edition of Humanitarian Gala that ends “WE BELIVE IN YOU” Campaign leaded by AUAN, which president I am, and “Become” International Youth Association. We are honoured and delighted that you’ve answer to our invitation today with such a large presence. We thank you. This event will take place in two days, as a request from all these who support us and appreciate the values of our artist guests and want to be together for the Winter Holidays. We, who were involved with so much passion to this event, we want to make this event as milestone for Sibiu.

We bring the warmest thanks to Radu Nechifor – the maker and the soul of this performing arts show, we had a remarkable collaboration with him. But we also want to thank to all our guest artists which accepted to take part on this show without any material compensation. But nevertheless, we thank to Miss Paula Stupariu for her contribution on decorating Thalia Hall. This evening gala comes in supporting AUAN projects, projects which are taking place during a school year. For the school year 2014 – 2015 30 kids and youths which have net incomings less than 550 lei have our support, as follows:

– 13 scholar grant for the first semester, 16 scholar grants for the second semester. These are children with grades greater than 9 and they are receiving between 250 – 300 lei, depending on which school year they are.

– 4 beneficiaries are receiving material and financial support. They are children or youths with grades between 8 and 9 and they are getting 150 or 200 lei, based on the school year they are.

– 30 children or youths (including the listed ones previously) are receiving gifts on special events, like Christmas, Ester and 1st of June.

Beside these words, AUAN beneficiaries enjoyed of many other things received from AUAN members and supporters. All accomplishment would not been possible without the support from our sponsors, donors which directed 2% from taxed to AUAN, supporters, media by which we made us heard to you, to all we are grateful.

14th of December show

5000 lei Prize :

We continued the habit started last year, by which we offer an Excellency Diploma and a Prize to a remarkable youth from Sibiu, no matter of his financial status for his great school grades, but also remarkable acts and talents.

This prize was not allotted from the AUAN budget, it was given by an honour AUAN member, Mister Helmut Detschelt from Vancouver Canada which he second time came in Romania especially for this event.

In this year, Excellency Diploma went to Miss Alexandra Canciu, 12th Grade at Gheorghe Lazar High-school from Sibiu for her remarkable results at National Olympics at Modern German.

AUAN Sponsors:

Wenglor Electronics Company, Geronimo, Paconstruct, Florke Production, City Flowers, Sun-

Cookies, Marquardt, Feleacul Sweets, Simea Sibiu – Siemens, Stage & Showtech.

AUAN Partners:

Pro FM, Sibiu 100%, Tribuna, House of Arts Sibiu. We thank Sibiu Philharmonics Board for their support in making this event alive.

The full video record from 14th of December can be found at the following link: