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Gift Matching 2015

Gift Matching 2015

In 2015 ‘The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu’-AUAN- was selected to participate in the “Gift Matching Program” supported by the Unicredit Foundation in a company from Bucharest. AUAN has been part in this program since 2013.

The company has made up several teams. One of them is responsible for an NGO and organizes events all through the period when the project is in progress. The events consist in money donations for products such as: cookies, coffee, sandwiches, fresh drinks, pickles, etc. Nineteen such events have been organized by the team that AUAN is in charge of. One of the most appreciated events has been “Harvest Day”. AUAN members provided different products: pickles, jams,’zacusca’, which were put at the team members’ disposal.

At the end of the Gift Matching Project 2015 a sum of 1100 EURO was deposited in the AUAN account. This sum will have doubled by the end of March 2016.

We are grateful to the Unicredit Foundation for selecting us to be part of this project for three years on end, and we thank the team members who have worked with AUAN in organizing a considerable number of events.