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The AUAN Gala – December 15th 2015

The AUAN Gala – December 15th 2015


The 4th edition of the Humanitarian Gala organized by the “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN together with the International Youth Association “BECOME” under the campaign’s name “WE BELIVE IN YOU”.

We thank all invited artists who, due to their special talents, were able to create a fascinating atmosphere conveying emotion to the public. With respect and joy we mention their names: Radu Nechifor, Forever Dance, Les Nuages Quartet, Dreamcatchers, Transition, Maria Cojocaru, Vlad Simon, Anca Mărginean, Mihai Teacă, Dominique Simionescu, Luana Prodea. The show was presented by the well known television presenter, Nicolle Stănese Cioltea.

The Speech of the AUAN President– Anca Oprean:

Good evening and welcome to the 4th edition of the Humanitarian Gala – which ends the campaign”WE BELIVE IN YOU “, organized by the “Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu” and the International Youth Association “Become”.

First of all, we want to thank you for your presence at this gala, which once again emphasizes the support and appreciation you have for us. We can only be proud to have you beside us, so that we can step together into the beautiful atmosphere of the Christmas holydays.

We dedicate this fourth edition to Mr. Ioan Nanu, Alexandra’s father, for his substantial contribution to the organization of the previous three editions. For eight months Mr. Nanu watches and sustains us from heaven, to continue what we have begun together.

The “Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN conferred Mr. Ioan Nanu the title of Honorary Member, post mortem, as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, for his special contribution to all the activities of the association, for his commitment to the AUAN members, for his moral and financial support of the association, as well as for his care for the AUAN beneficiaries.

He will remain in our hearts a MAN with a high moral attitude and a true friend.

This evening’s gala comes as a support to the AUAN projects, which take place throughout the school year. AUAN offers two types of support to the children / young people who have the necessary skills and are eager to build a career, and who have a netto income / family member of <= 650 RON:

  1. THE SCHOLARSHIP- for children/young people with an average grade between 9 and 10. The amounts allocated are between 250 and 300 ron / month, depending on the educational cycle;

2. FINANCIAL AND MATERIAL AID – for children/young people with an average grade between 8 and 9. The amounts allocated are between 150 and 200 ron/month,depending on the educational cycle

Each school year a number of 20 children / young people have benefited from one of these types of support. Last year over 15 scholarships were allocated and approx. 40 children / young people received gifts for Christmas, Easter and the 1st of June, worth 150 ron / beneficiary, for each of the events. Thus, the amount invested by AUAN in the beneficiaries in 2015 was of 65000RON. In addition, as a result of a substantial sponsorship received from the WENGLOR company, we funded a project of the Energetic High School in Sibiu, consisting in building a phonetic laboratory for foreign languages, that will serve 450 students.

We would like to thank Radu Nechifor for the realization of this show and, to all the invited artists for the exceptional collaboration from over the years, who performed the show without financial rewards and last but not least to Mrs. Paula Stupariu for the festive decoration of the Thalia Hall.

Many thanks to all those who have made all our achievements possible: sponsors, donors, those who have redirected 2% to AUAN, AUAN sympathizers and journalists who made us known to you.

Awarding the prize of 5.000 lei :

Anca Oprean, the president of AUAN: We continue this year with the tradition started two years ago, namely to award a Diploma of Excellence and a Prize, to a young citizen of Sibiu, regardless of his material situation, who was remarked in his community for his outstanding school results or skills.

This year, the Diploma of Excellence and the prize of 5,000 Ron will be awarded to Miss Diana-Amalia Varga, the former student of the High School of Arts Sibiu and the former beneficiary of AUAN, who became a student of the Faculty of Arts and Design of Cluj, at the painting section, this autumn, for her outstanding results, taking the 1st place at the National Olympiad of Visual Arts, Architecture and Art History.

The prize is not from the AUAN budget, but it was made available to AUAN by one of its honorable members, Mr. Helmut Detschelt, from Vancouver-Canada, who returned to the country for the third time, particularly for this event. Mr. Detschelt, I invite you on the stage to hand in the prize. Thank you!

Full recording of the Gala:

The amount of money collected from the sale of the tickets and donations is of 16634 RON (11000/tickets + 5634/donations). The money will go to the AUAN program to support the education of the meritorious children and help them reach their full potential to lead a life full of achievements.




KISS FM, Sibiu 100%, Tribuna, the House of Culture, Sibiu.

We express our thanks to the management of the Sibiu Philharmonic, especially to the technical manager Aurel Antonie for the understanding and support shown in the organization of this event.