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AGE – 23 iulie 2016

AGE – 23 iulie 2016

Saturday, 23 rd July, 2016, 74% of the AUAN members took part in the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – AUAN . The meeting was organized in a wonderful location – the MAI PENSION – as a result of a fruitful collaboration with its owners, the Lupu family, to whom we are deeply grateful for hosting us there with a free coffee-break.

The agenda of the meeting included the following issues:

– Results obtained in the schoolyear 2015-2016 by applying the AUAN Project. It has been the second year on end when the AUAN activity was organized for two purposes:

– allotting monthly scholarships for one schoolyear (this year the sum was 61,658 Lei) and

– funding school projects; this year AUAN funded a 30,000- lei – worth project at the Gustav Gundisch Highschool Cisnadie.

Thus, AUAN invested a sum of 91,658 lei in studets’ education.

– Introducing the beneficiaries who will be included in the Project for the schoolyear 2016-2017. There are 15 scholarship beneficiaries (students with averages between 9 and 10) and 5 beneficiaries of financial and material support (students with averages between 8 and 9).




Within the 5 years of AUAN activity, Diana is the 4th AUAN beneficiary to finish the 12-th grade at the National College “Gh.Lazar” in Sibiu, with very good results. She was admitted to the University of Pharmacy in Sibiu as the first on the list, with an average of 9.40. The graduation of the 12-th class implies a ceasing of the collaboration between AUAN and its beneficiaries. With this occasion, the beneficiaries receive a bonus of 1000 RON as a financial support for their next step in life.