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THE AUAN GALA- 13th December, 2016

THE AUAN GALA- 13th December, 2016

The 5th edition of the Humanitarian Gala organized by The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN – together with The International Youth Association BECOME, within the campaign WE BELIEVE IN YOU, took place in the Thalia Hall of Sibiu on 13th December, 2016.

The campaign WE BELIEVE IN YOU is in progress throughout an entire year and is organised by The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN. Its aim is raising funds for projects meant to provide financial and moral support for industrious children/youth who are willing to make a successful career. Every December the campaign ends with a humanitarian gala organised together with The International Youth Organisation BECOME.


Good evening, …

Welcome to the 5th edition of the humanitarian gala WE BELIEVE IN YOU, organised by The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN- together with The International Youth Association BECOME and directed by Radu Nechifor, to whom we are deeply grateful for the excellent, five-year-long collaboration.

We also thank Ms. Ozana Barabancea and the other performing artists for their free contribution to this show, and, not in the least, to Ms. Paula Stupariu for the exceptional decoration of the Thalia Hall.

We are happy to welcome so many of you to this gala, which shows your support and appreciation for AUAN and we are delighted to share with you the magic of Christmas mood.

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This edition of the show is a special one, being dedicated to those who were devoted to the activity fulfilled with patience and empathy in the memory of Alexandra and Ioan Nanu, who have steadily been in our memory. These five years have been the quintessence of humanitarian activity, which has helped us develop as human beings and be more helpful and open to the needs of talented youths. All the members of the association are grateful to Mrs. Dorica Nanu who has conceived, organised and monitored the activity of the association. She is our mentor and we thank her for the work, initiative and moral support she offers us in fulfilling our aim. Being an AUAN member is a unique, formative experience that can teach us many lessons of life.

Having earned the trust of the people, AUAN has constantly developed its activity in two directions: direct support for meritous children/youths with scarce financial situations and funding school projects from which all the schoolchildren can benefit. The sum that AUAN has invested in educational programmes amounts to about 70,000 EU.

The direct support offered to chilrden/youths consists in:

About 20 monthly scholarships for a whole schoolyear, along with dental or ophtalmological treatments, inclusive of dentures or reading glasses;

Donations from AUAN members or supporters: Easter and Christmas presents in value of 150 Lei/beneficiary. This year we offer Chrismas presents to 50 children.

On school leaving (12th grade), when the collaboration with AUAN ends, every beneficiary is offered 1000 Lei for future projects in life. So far, four of our beneficiaries left the AUAN project and have become diligent students in universities such as Pharmacy, Engineering, Fine Arts or Finance.

We also sponsor the participation in olympiads, festivals and competitions.

Funding school projects:

We have been able to fund school projects as a result of the steady and substantial sponsorships from companies such as S.C.Wenglor Sensoric Electronic Sibiu and S.C. Geronimo-Ro Cisnadie. Thus, since 2015 the 480 students of the The Energetic Technical College of Sibiu have benefited from a new laboratory of foreign languages applied in technique( 45,000 Lei) and in 2016 the Informatics Laboratory of The Gustav Gundisch High School of Cisnadie was updated and equipped with last generation computers now used by 493 students (30,000 Lei).”

Awarding the 1,000 Euro Prize

Anca Oprean, Chair of AUAN :

on May 18th, 2012 AUAN had their first press conference on launching the association.The press have had a positive reaction and made us popular to the public. Mr. Helmut Detschelt from Vancouver – Canada, a Romanian citizen from Sibiu by birth, was exremely impressed reading about our activity on the internet and in the local press. Thus, he decided to write to AUAN and consequently have an intense collaboration with us. He became honorary member of the Association; in 2013 , on the occasion of the Gala, he returned to Romania for the first time after 40 years and ever since he has offered a 1,000 Euro prize to a meritous youth every year.

We thank you, Mr. Detschelt, and invite you on stage for this year’s prize award!”


The sum raised at the AUAN Gala in 2016 amounts to 16.777,00 Lei ( 11.100,00 Lei from booking tickets and 5.777,00 Lei from donations).

We are deeply grateful to all those who have made our achievements possible: sponsors, donors, people who redirected 2% of their income to AUAN, supporters of AUAN and the journalits who have made us known.


S.C.Wenglor Electronic S.R.L., S.C. Geronimo-RO S.R.L., S.C.Paconstruct S.R.L., S.C.Diada Serv SR S.C.Florke Production SRL, CityFlowers , Sun-Cookies, Simea Sibiu– Siemens, Stage & Showtech, Lubtech Corporation, WBS TRAINING AG, SCANDIA FOOD, SEO112,SC “Euroconf”SA, S.C.Image Video Broadcast SRL, Alphaaftermarket Services, S.C.Parkitrans-Com SRL, Pensiunea Mai Sibiu.


KISS FM, Sibiu 100%, Tribuna, Hermannstädter Zeitung, The House of Culture Sibiu, The Philharmonic Sibiu

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