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We Believe in You!



10. December 2018, the Humanitarian Gala WE BELIEVE IN YOU, full house.

Artists who are well-known both nationally and internationally performed pro bono on a beautifully decorated stage (Paula Stuparu).

They delighted us with a high-quality and emotional performance.

We feel honoured to mention them: Mihai Teaca, Anca Marginean, Teodora Pop, The Youths’ Organisation of Sibiu, Radu Nechifor and Dreamcatchers, Paula Seling. We are deeply grateful to all of them.

We express our gratitude to Radu Nechifor, the director of the performance and to Nicolle Stanese, the presenter of the show, with whom we have had a close and fruitful collaboration for several years.

This year Mr. Helmut Detschelt from Vancouver, Canada awarded the ALEXANDRA and IOAN NANU DIPLOMA OF EXCELLENCE and a 5,000-Lei prize to Miss. Mihaela Ungureanu from the Republic of Moldova, who is a remarkable student in Cluj –Napoca, successfully representing both the Republic of Moldavia and Romania nationally and internationally.

Here is the full recording of the performance.

Pozele sunt in ordinea evolutiei lor pe scena.