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AGO – 30th of March 2019

AGO – 30th of March 2019

Saturday, the 30th of March 2019, we, the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN gathered for the ordinary General Assembly in order to analyse the activity of the association for the financial year 2018. It is the second year in a row that ends with a budget deficit (due to the legislation and the fact that we were less visible in the press for objective reasons) but continuing to undertake the same actions of investment in the education of the children/teenagers, respectively, AUAN beneficiaries, making use of the budgetary surplus of the previous years.

Very briefly, the total expenditures for 2018 were 116,307 lei, out of which:

– 91,865 lei went directly to AUAN beneficiaries, representing 78.98%;

– 23.083 lei – administrative expenses (service contracts, office, advertising, exchange difference, commissions, etc.), representing 19.85%;

-1.359 lei – protocol expenses, representing 1.17%.

Primarily, AUAN’s activity lies in the relationship with the beneficiaries. Over the years, this has been a constant aspect, we have not made any rebate from their needs. We are proud of the AUAN beneficiaries, of their families. They are people who want to succeed in life and do their best to achieve that.