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We Believe in You!

Objectives and Means

The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu endeavors to have the following objectives:

  • Establish partnerships with city councils and school institutions, authorized institutions that are able to provide correct and complete information, in order to identify the cases that fit AUAN’s goal;
  • Selection of cases, based on the following criteria:
    • School performance
    • Net income under 500 lei per family member
  • Identification of the needs of the selected cases, stressing the following:
    • School supplies and books needed for current studies
    • Clothing and food
    • Purchase of instruments/goods needed to develop a talent
    • Opening new horizons through participation in trips and school camps
    • Psychological counseling
  • Establish a plan to provide help
  • Ways of financing
  • Implementation of the plan to provide help – delegating each case to a member of the association
  • Monitoring the progress of each case and informing the sponsors and donors.

In order to achieve its objectives, the association may enter in agreements with other persons, groups or associations with similar goals, local or foreign.

The means to achieve the objectives of the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu are:

  • advance the goal through all available communication channels;
  • input from the members of the association;
  • recruiting new members, through direct or voluntary participation;
  • solicitation of financial or material donations of any kind;
  • strategic partnerships with companies, groups or organizations to generate funds or promote cooperation.