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    The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu, shortly named AUAN, offers financial and material support for youngsters of age between 6 and 19 who wish and can complete their study and build up a professional career, but who lack financial resources.

    This support offered by AUAN is an actual recognition of the achievements of the children and ambitious youngsters who have recorded academic performances and wish to pursue this target further on. At this point the beneficiaries in the AUAN project do not want their identity to be public, because of some existing mentalities in the society, but we hope that in a relatively short time we will succeed to make them proud to be part of the AUAN project and that they were chosen to be awarded.

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    Other activities carried out by AUAN:

    • identification and evaluation of the beneficiaries;
    • information in the field: promoting the aim and the offered services, as well as making the community sensitive to the existing societal problems;
    • school and professional advising activities when asked by the beneficiaries;
    • juridical, sociological and psychological advising when asked by the beneficiaries;
    • urgent intervention in difficult cases.

    For all above mentioned activities AUAN was accredited in September 2012.

    We planned to give Christmas and Easter gifts – consisting in provisions and sweets – to all children and youngsters to whom AUAN had prepared social reports.

    The projects of AUAN last 10 months over one school year, starting with September.

    In August each year the General Assembley of AUAN analyses all cases with social reports considering the following criteria:

    • the school performance;
    • the age between 6 and 19;
    • the net income per household member must not exceed 500 ron.

    The Assembley will choose the future beneficiaries and the sums offered, according to the existing funds.

    Each beneficiary – case is attributed to an AUAN member who becomes responsible of that case, and will keep in touch with the beneficiary and his/her family, with the school where he/she studies and will monitor the beneficiary during the whole contract time frame, while assuring an efficient evolution. The responsible of the case will form a team together with the social assistant and if needed, with the psychologist and the jurist.

    Each child/ youngster who meets the criteria can apply for support from AUAN on the web-page:

    * Applications are only available to Romanian students

    VOLUNTARILY – is the way the entire activity of AUAN is accomplished. The gathered funds are disposed strictly for the aim mentioned at Art. 64 of AUAN Charter.

    All things which have been accomplished in AUAN, such as presentation kits, visit cards, texts, translations, the launching, the accreditation, accountancy, juridical acts, have been exclusively the work of AUAN’s members, the accountant and the lawyer.